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Our Approach

We believe art should be for everyone. But belief without action isn’t enough.

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What we stand for

Solidarity over charity

We approach every action and decision with empathy, maintaining awareness of our position of privilege and avoiding any form of othering.

Assuming the best

We nurture a positive mindset and reflect it in our communications, making no assumptions or judgements.

Nothing about artists without artists

We acknowledge and value the lived experience of all artists, and invite them to join any decision-making processes that affect them.

Inclusivity first, eligibility second

We develop selection criteria thoughtfully and carefully with the goal of creating opportunities for as many people as possible.

Cause before symptoms

We cut to the core of issues, supporting those working on root causes and contributing to long-term, systemic change.

Humble learning, active listening

We appreciate the need to continuously learn and better ourselves as a foundation, engaging in conversations with empathy and respect.

Accountable transparency

We foster a culture of open communication and radical honesty to cultivate trust, ensuring we are held accountable to the communities we serve.

How we work

The arts are (famously) a broad spectrum, and when you set out to help anyone and everyone get a foot in the door it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. We partnered with creative research lab IAM to make sure our actions would mirror our values and offer the best support to our community. Months of thorough research and thoughtful planning turned into an in-depth report on the state of funding across the arts. There we saw a need for bursaries and grant programs designed to seek:

Social justice

Reducing uncertainty from a lack of stable income, housing, learning, or other opportunities.

Intersectional justice

Fighting discrimination and the concentration of power in privileged groups.

Environmental justice

Addressing vulnerability in unsafe living conditions due to harsh environments or government policies.

Who we support

As a foundation the last thing we want to do is take away from the incredible people and organizations already fighting to make the arts a more inclusive space. So, alongside helping individuals, we want to support those who are already doing the work and who have genuine, lived experience of an issue. Specifically: grassroots arts organizations, artist-led initiatives, and emerging artists and communities.

Leaving no artist behind

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion should go without saying. We believe a more diverse industry is a thriving industry and as well as celebrating all lived experiences, beliefs, identities, ethnicities, and cultures, the Supporting Act Foundation is committed to:

  • Prioritizing emerging artists from marginalized groups who have limited access to resources as a result of social, economic, or environmental injustice.

  • Embracing intersectionality as a guiding framework for everything we do.

  • Trusting applicants who self-identify as coming from marginalized communities, without asking them to prove it.

  • Building a more diverse and inclusive team and leadership.

Welcome to The Supporting Act Foundation.

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