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The Supporting Act Foundation is committed to the creation of better opportunities in the arts, carving spaces for emerging artists and artist-led groups from under-represented communities to deliver systemic change.

Because getting a foot in the door can often feel impossible, especially if you come from a marginalized background. So our grant programs provide a helping hand, with no strings, giving a new generation the resources to shape a better future.

Mission statement

Our mission is to enable inspiring artist-led initiatives and emerging artists to fulfill their creative potential. We aim to create opportunities for underrepresented people in the arts, and support communities and organizations in seeking intersectional justice for people and the planet.


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    Our biggest moments in 2023

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    The ‘gentle radicalism’ of York Anti Racist Collective

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    Open Call 2024: Impact Grants and Creative Bursaries

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    Who’s on our Jury for 2024?

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    You’ve been awarded a grant – now what?

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