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  • WeTransfer

    WeTransfer’s Supporting Act Foundation announces recipients of its inaugural grants

    Ten art students, ten artist-led initiatives, and six grassroots arts organizations will be receiving funding over the next year, giving them vital support when they need it most. This extensive financial support will enable them to pursue their practices and careers, to expand the reach and impact of their projects, and to build better futures for under-represented communities in the arts.

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  • WePresent

    The Supporting Act Foundation — Why WeTransfer started a foundation for emerging artists

    In 2021, WeTransfer announced the launch of The Supporting Act Foundation, a new initiative that aims to support the next generation of creatives through education, bursaries, grants, and prizes. Here, the team behind the initiative speaks to Cedar Pasori about its origins, its motives, and its bold plans to make the creative industries more equitable and accessible.

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  • It's Nice That

    WeTransfer has unveiled a new charity to foster better representation in the arts

    WeTransfer has just unveiled a new independent charity, called The Supporting Act Foundation, with €600,000 worth of funding to support emerging underrepresented and underfunded artists and organisations, plus community-centred initiatives. WeTransfer’s mission with the new venture is to open up entry points into the arts and to tackle age-old barriers that make the industry inaccessible.

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