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  • 2023-09-15

    Help with your application

    Considering applying for 2023? Here’s advice and guidance to support you through the process.

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  • 2023-09-06

    Meet the artists and activists on our jury for 2023

    Introducing our jury members for the Creative Bursary and Impact Grants open call. 

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  • 2023-08-22

    Our 2023 open calls for students and non-profits are launching

    We’re delighted to announce that open calls for The Supporting Act Foundation’s two programs for 2023—Creative Bursaries and Impact Grants—are going live on 29 August, and accepting applications up until September 25 at 11:59 AM CET. 

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  • WePresent

    The Supporting Act — The importance and impact of grants on community

    Money and creativity are not easy bedfellows, but most artists and creatives will be familiar with applying for grants to aid them in making their magic. The important thing is always just the art, right? But sometimes making that art can cost so much that it puts the actual creation of said art in jeopardy. Here writer Alix-Rose Cowie speaks to Jenne Meerman of the Supporting Act, plus a handful of people it’s helped over the years, about the impact this funding has had on creativity and community.

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