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Meet the artists and activists on our jury for 2023

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Say hello to the artists and activists (including five of last year’s grantees) who will be judging the 2023 grant applications! We’re beyond proud to have such a multi-talented group. Read more about them below: 

Creative Bursary Jury:


Elijah is an artist manager, DJ and lecturer who's been writing short form notes on sustainable artistic production, ecosystem building and on different approaches to social media for a year across Instagram and Twitter. They may have popped up on your feed as 'yellow square' post it note style thoughts, and they have generated discussions on broad sets of challenges facing the music and broader creative industries. He's been a guest editor of Resident Advisor, is a community fellow at SOAS University, and has released an album with Grime MC Jammz that explores the yellow squares in musical form. @elijah

Lara Costafreda

Lara Costafreda works by developing illustration projects and creative direction for publications, brands, and agencies internationally. At the same time, she promotes social impact projects related to immigration, racism, peace culture, environmentalism, and social justice, among others. The Volem Acollir (Welcome Refugees) campaign, the Top Manta clothing brand of the Barcelona street vendors, and the transformation of the radiotherapy treatment plant at Lleida Hospital are a few examples. @laracostafreda

Marco Palmieri

Marco Palmieri is an artist, professor and curator who lives between Italy and the UK. He has worked and exhibited nationally and internationally. His current research focuses on building sustainable artist communities and learning resources for early-career artists. @marco.f.palmieri

Malab Alneel

Sudanese queer activist and visual artist, Malab's work ranges from conceptual photography to video art and film, focusing on the complex connections between queerness and culture. At the moment their art practice focuses on the archival and highlighting of the queer—specifically lesbian—SWANA history and experience. In 2022 Malab received a Creative Bursary from The Supporting Act Foundation. @malabalneel

Meryem Meghraoua

Meryem is a visual artist whose work looks to document and explore spirituality, ritual practices and their connection to the natural world. She is also a senior designer at WeTransfer as part of the studio team. Website and @meryemmeg

Seonah Chae

Seonah Chae completed her studies in Visual Communication Design at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. She continued her studies at HBK Braunschweig under the guidance of Prof. Frances Scholz, and she is currently studying with Prof. Pia Linz at Kunsthochschule Weißensee. Seonah has actively participated in numerous international exhibitions, biennials, and residency programs, with notable appearances in Berlin, Seoul, Switzerland, and Portugal, and is a 2022 Creative Bursary grantee. @seonah_chae

Impact Grant Jury:

Abi Tariq

Abi Tariq is an artist and cultural worker born in Karachi and based in Paris. Abi works at the heart of AFIELD, an international network of cultural changemakers and 2022 Impact Grantee. By providing resources and support, AFIELD assists practitioners who lead transformational change in their communities and in society as a whole. @abitariqmind

Amahra Spence

Amahra Spence is an artist, cultural worker and spatial practitioner. Guided by lineages of Black Imagination, spatial justice and a more-than-human cosmology, Amahra invests in the intimacy of transformation, across design, space, systems and governance, as rehearsal for liberation.

As the Founding Director of MAIA, Amahra works to prototype cultural, community-rooted, life-affirming infrastructures. She is also Organiser for the Black Land and Spatial Justice Project, and currently Visiting Lecturer of "Architectures of Abolition" at Birmingham City University. Website and @amahra_as

Daniele Carlini

Daniele Carlini, Head of Marketing and Communication at Moleskine Foundation, has 12+ years' of experience in Marketing, Communication, and Partnerships. Formerly managed Licensing, B2B, and Partnerships at Moleskine Company. Previous roles at Adidas Italy and HQ in Germany. He joined Moleskine Foundation in 2019. Website and @lacarlanza

Hannah Robathan

Hannah is the co-founder of shado mag a lived experience-led community of artists, activists and journalists united in the fight for social justice. In 2022 shado mag received a Community Grant from The Supporting Act Foundation. @hrobz_

Nandita Vasanta

Nandita is a comparative arts scholar by education with a wide expertise in programme and strategy in the field of arts, culture and science. She curated various projects and exhibitions exploring the intersections of different disciplines and the magic of collaboration. Passionate about developing inclusive spaces, she worked with diverse partners enabling new forms of democratisation, participation and knowledge exchange. Website

Richard Akingbehin

Richard Akingbehin is the co-founder of Berlin-based radio station and education platform Refuge Worldwide, and the founder of techno, experimental and dub label Kynant Records. He also works as a curator, music writer and presenter. In 2022 Refuge Worldwide received a Community Grant from The Supporting Act Foundation. @richardakingbehin

If you’d like to read more about our Creative Bursary and Impact Grant programs, click here.

If you have any questions about our jury members or the process, you can always get in contact with us here.

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